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RESEARCH for QP: Robotic Workforce

Encourage students to verify facts and viewpoints

FPS deals with global issues and mature topics. Coaches and parents should preview websites for suitability

What is Robotics? 3 minute video sharing fundamentals of robotics       TechMight       

Types of Robots Robot Classification                               TechMight

How Robotics Will Transform Our Lives                                SimpliLearn

NASA's Robotic Explorers                                                         NASA

The Basics: What is a Robot                                                        PBS

7 Advantages of Robots in the Workplace                  Robotics Tomorrow

The History of Robots                                                             Science Kids

Inside the Lab: How Does Atlas Work?                           Boston Dynamics

Robotics: Do You Love Me?  (Yes, robots can dance!)                Boston Dynamics   

Tyndall Air Force to begin using robot dogs                                        ABC

 The Future of the No-Collar Workforce                                     NASA

9 Most Advanced AI Robots                                                             TERKRecoms

Lecture 1 MIT Underactuated Robotics     hour lecture in-depth from MIT

UVM & Tufts team build first living robots                                YouTube

AI-Powered Robot Lawyer                                                       CBS News 

How Robots Could Change the Future                                    Readers Digest

Types of AI from Reactive to Self-awareness                        Futurism

15+ Futuristic Technologies                                     Interesting Engineering

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