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RESEARCH for QP: Food Waste and Food Loss

Encourage students to verify facts and viewpoints

FPS deals with global issues and mature topics. Coaches and parents should preview websites for suitability

Food Waste                                                The Year's Project YouTube

Food Waste                                                              Future Agenda

How can you stop wasting so much food?           Washington Post

SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss & Food Waste Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

Why is there so much food waste?         Food Farmer Earth on YouTube

Food Loss and Food Waste         Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN

Reducing Food Loss and Food Waste           World Resources Institute

Reducing Food Loss and Waste          

Our food system is at risk of crossing environmental limits-here's how to ease the pressure                             

Food Waste and Circular Economies     

War on Food Waste can save Money                 Japan Times

French food waste law changing how grocery stores approach excess food