2021 NC FPS Community Problem Solving
wins bid to 2021 Virtual International Conference

Junior Individual Division GREY WATER TO GREEN WATER

Aadarsh Lakshmanan    

Coach Lakshmanan Gururajan      Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

As the population and demand for water continue to increase, the supply of water is decreasing. According to “The World Counts,” many people in the world will be in conditions with no water by the year 2050. There is not an infinite amount of freshwater available and it is drained faster than it can get replenished. Currently, 50% of our freshwater comes from just 6 countries. An average of 42-gallons of grey water goes to the sewer system. What if we could divert the water to plant gardens while conserving water and reduce the cost of consumption?

Middle Division Team IMAGINE

Abigail Demelo, Nandini Guruprasadh, Shreya Sattenapalli, Parvathy Unnikrishnan, Radhika Unnikrishnan

Coach Ambika Shyamala     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Team IMAGINE focuses on spreading awareness on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and to better include children with autism into society. They used many platforms to spread awareness about autism. The members of the project are very passionate about sharing their message and cannot wait to continue.



Click here to learn more about PROJECT REFUGEE

    Vihaan Gaurav, Satvik Gorle, Elsie Nethala, Emily Nethala, Ruhi Roy, Sindhu Sureshkannan, Bumika Vanapalli, Vishnu Vanapalli, Akhil Varukuti, Ajith Varikuti

Coaches Geetha Veera and Charita Manchi      

Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy and Ardrey Kell High School

Project Refugee has worked to cause a permanent change in Charlotte, NC for refugees. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it was more imperative that we helped refugees as many lost their jobs and refugee programs were unable to meet the needs of refugees. This change of lifestyle brought more challenges not only to refugees, but to how we carried out our solutions. We wanted to carry on what Project Refugee was able to do accomplish last year. 

Senior Division HEALTH IS WEALTH

Diya Bhatt, Medha Pillai, Ananya Ramesh, Meeta Sindagi

Coach Ravi Sindagi           Ardrey Kell, Marvin Ridge, and Providence High Schools

During the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment has increased greatly. How might we improve the conditions of the homeless in the Charlotte area so that they can lead healthier lives during the COVID-19 pandemic? We collected monetary and physical donations to create care packages that included hygiene supplies, non perishable foods and blankets to donate to the homeless. These care packages were originally going to be distributed to the numerous tent cities in uptown Charlotte, but we redirected the donations to local shelters due to the dissolution of the tent cities. To aid this process, we used our numerous social media platforms.