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Action-based Problem Solving


Action-based Problem Solving (AbPS) is a non-competitive component. Using simplified creative problem solving processes with fairy tales and current age-appropriate problems. AbPS introduces teachers and students to creative problem solving and higher-level thinking and action skills in a hands-on, non-threatening manner.


The concepts behind each problem-solving step are taught in short, but challenging, sound bites - making the concepts easy to understand and apply. Action-based problem solving actively engages students in learning, constructing meaning, and applying both knowledge and process to real situations. AbPS is performance-based and designed to guide students into community action and Global Issues Probem Solving.


Action-based Problem Solving provides a model that is effective in the classroom for all students and can be implemented as a strategy for use in the inclusion model, an exploratory curriculum, or an extension fo any curriculum. It exemplifies problem-based learning (PBL) at its best.

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