Junior Division 1st place Lily Harrison

Coach Dawn Tenev     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Towards the Climbing Sun

April 28, 2065, Klelp Village, Java


A sharp cry jolted me awake. I rolled over, trying to untangle myself from my dreams. Forcing my eyes to peel open, I stumbled to get my clothes on, staggering aimlessly out the door into the light of the dazzling sunrise. Another cry sounded. This time, I knew where it had come from, Adria. Once I reached the beach, my suspicions were confirmed.

Taking great care not to step on the plastic littering the beach, I made my way to a hunched figure at the edge of the water. Tears leaked from her eyes onto the sand only to be washed away by the rushing ocean. . .

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Middle Division 1st place Vishnu Vanapalli

Coach Dawn Tenev     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

It's Time

I flailed my robotic arms around, picking up gravel out of a puddle as joy uplifted my spirits. Words flashed on the screen integrated into my machinery.

       Replication status: SUCCESS

       Welcome, No.228 to Lastabade.

I had so many questions. . .

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Senior Division 1st place Abhirami Archana Linesh

Coach Ambika Shyamala     Ardrey Kell High School


I looked out the window into the blue sky. How odd was it that the world was so peaceful when every man, woman, and child lived in such fear? It seemed surreal, like the moments of chilling stillness before the clap of thunder and the strike of lightning. Needles stabbed at my spine, and I gasped in pain, beads of sweat accumulating on my forehead. I fell into darkness.


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