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Junior Division 1st place Lily Harrison

Coach Kate Harrison     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Shimmers of Hope 

The Sun's glow rippled through the window, penetrating the darkness of the small room, bringing Nyota awareness of the day. With the light came the sensations of the city, reminding her that she couldn't linger in the comforts of her room. 

            Snapping to activate her HoloTV, she allowed herself a brief moment to listen to the grim-faced reporters. "Sleeping sickness continues to ravage the Democratic Republic of the Congo, yesterday bringing new records-" Nyota hurridly snapped to shut off the television, but she already felt the panic settle under her skin, residing all too comfortably in her heart... 

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Junior Division 2nd place Claire Chen

Coach Vishnu Vanapalli & Sindhu Sureshkannan     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy


My entire life has been ruled by the need to survive. For my mother, for me. Ever since Rick had left- I grimaced, then continued thinking about the timeline of my life. Since I was little, I knew to spend every bit of my energy scavenging and trying to find food. I gulped and continued thinking, walking, counting my steps. One, two. One, two. After my father had died, she spent four years grieving him...

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Middle Division 1st place Vishnu Vanapalli

Coach Vishnu Vanapalli     Ardrey Kell High School


“Do you value his life more than his eternal peace?”

As Mya gazed at her lifeless boy, tears welled in her eyes. After his fatal car crash, Liam no longer looked like himself as jagged glass escaped his bloody gashes.

“My baby boy,” Mya whispered, thinking over the procedure Dr.Myers, the neurologist, had described, “thank you for always being there for me.” She knew she had to do the same for him.

She motioned for Dr.Myers. “We’ll go through with the procedure.”

The doctor raised his eyebrows. “Do you understand the risks, Ms.Sanchez? Even after over a century of neuroscience research, the procedure may be unsuccessful. We can get very close, but to fully replicate him,” he said, peering at his patient, “might be impossible.” 


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Middle Division 2nd place Manish Murthi

Coach Renuka Murthi     Marvin Ridge High School

Plan Bee

The defendant steps onto the elevated platform looking defeated. His name is Alan Bradfield. The date is August 14, 2042, and the time is 3:00 PM.

The judge asks what motivated the defendant to develop the bee genocide weapon— a blunt but accurate name—along with how he did it. The defendant immediately corrects her, claiming they weren’t originally meant to kill bees off.

“I built them to eradicate non-ecologically essential disease carrying insects. Keeping the population safe was my intention.” His words come out as a whimper.

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Senior Division 1st place Abhirami Archana Linesh

Coach Ambika Shyamala     Ardrey Kell High School

Depth of Knowledge

IMy eyes started glazing over from looking at the CMiner 2.0 feed. It had taken an hour or so to find the patch of iron on the seafloor, and then it had taken the rest of my shift of 12 hours to pick at the rock and signal helper bots down to fetch the minerals. I looked at the time. Twenty seven hours had passed since I had watched my grandfather silently slip into the waters above us. 

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