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Junior Division 1st place Aparna Gireesh

Coaches Sindhu Sureshkannan & Vishnu Vanipalli     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Cobotic Cooperation

Caroline was very aware of the disadvantages of the robotic workforce. Caroline read an article in a magazine that was specifically about inefficient communication between automated devices and human workers in companies. She realized that her office also had those issues, and went to her manager to see if any of those issues could be fixed with a few additional programs.

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Junior Division 2nd place Liz Zhang

Coaches Vishnu Vanapalli & Sindhu Sureshkannan     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Goodbye Cruel World

Anna, a regular miserable human, lives a regular miserable life- in a virtual paradise. The humans and i-Bots are fighting a war… one that looks like neither will win. Suddenly, a treaty is struck and humans and i-Bots will live in peace forever. However, all is not as it seems. In exchange for freedom, humans will have to shed the mortal world and transition into augmented reality…

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Junior Division 3rd place Tejas Katikala

Coaches Prathama Kote & Ashna Katikala       Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

A Trembling Connection

Zeus Alpin doing his daily routine heading to work but this day is not like any other day. He goes to work doing his normal routine of fixing machines. Suddenly a disaster strikes. In this time he must survive the treacherous journey through the horror of this adventure. The DRWP finds him and gives him care but something's not quite right.

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Junior Division Honorable Mention Ananya Rahul Gupta

Coaches Vishnu Vanapalli & Sindhu Sureshkannan     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Robot Virus

Marco is a boy around 12 years old, who is very interested in coding and viruses. His family is very poor because his mother died due to a mine collapse. His dad was a gas filler for jets, until one day, he had been informed that he had been replaced. Robots in the workforce took his place. From that day, Marco was convinced, that he needed to destroy robots once in for all. He decided that he was going to attach a computer virus to the computer program, Python. But, Marco had no idea, what the robots would do next.

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Middle Division 1st place Lily Harrison

Coach Michael Masonis    Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Journey of Change

16-year-old Aven Clark practically lives in virtual reality; skipping school and failing her classes in order to spend more time on her favorite game, VRSiege. But when her best friend Zeph commits suicide due to depression, Aven realizes she could continue down the same path. Six years later, she comes up with a way to help people struggling with virtual reality addiction just like she used to be.

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Middle Division 2nd place Arjun Ramasamy

Coaches Vishnu Vanapalli & Sindhu Sureshkannan     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

A Robotic Reality

Mr. Thompson, a fresh-faced intern, wanders downtown Tokyo in 2044, wanting to make a difference in the world. He takes a job at Huxley Industries, where he is fascinated by the scientists, engineers, and the Huxley Robotic Workforce. After a couple weeks, he notices an underlying hatred for these robots in many of his colleagues. The robots might be more precise and effective than the humans, but at what cost? He dives deep to discover the answer to this question. Humans were slowly becoming obsolete, and it was Mr. Thompson's job to stop it …

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Middle Division 3rd place Rutwa Patil

Coach Vishal Patil  Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Scrolling Faces

Fast forward in future where consumerism is not just limited to goods and services but society is consumed by fast fashion fads of experimenting with self. "Scrolling Faces" shows how messed up societal pressures could place people in a catch-22 situation. Whatever you do, no one is happy. Marilyn is on a journey to find herself thorough the societal pressures.

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Middle Division Honorable Mention Claire Chen

Coaches Vishnu Vanapalli & Sindhu Sureshkannan     Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

One Thought, One Hope, One Apple

Izyn has loved the environment since…forever. Ever since an incident at dinner years ago, she’s never been the same. However, she thinks she knows how to change the world. From working alone, to working together, to working with the government.  With her only friend, Aero, they spark a revolution in their dumpster of a world. All sprouted from one element, a single apple, and her hopes and dreams. For once, they finally reunite with Mother Nature.

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Senior Division 1st place Sindhu Sureshkannan

Coach Sureshkannan     Providence High School

Hold onto My Hand

A mother and daughter. Separated by miles and a diagnosis. Selene struggles to be beside her mother when she needs her as she tries to balance her work life. When the hospital shows her this new innovation, Selene thinks she will be able to connect with her mother. Will this proposed technology allow Selene to fulfill her role as a daughter with no regrets?s. 

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Senior Division 2nd place Manish Murthi

Coach Murthi     Marvin Ridge High School

The Disposables

In a dystopian future, the wealthy elite hunt and dispose of the disposable class. Rachel, Jake, and Liam form an unlikely group and try to survive, but are ultimately hunted down and killed. A member of a rebel group vows to fight for a future where human life is valued.

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Senior Division 3rd place Vishnu Vanapalli

Coach Vanapalli    Ardrey Kell High School

Era of Man

To tackle the backlog of cases overwhelming American judiciaries, the government has implemented a line of Artificial Intelligence judges, termed Krisis. While Krisis presides over a case, the defendant, Walker Strauss, hopes to play on its inexperience. Krisis uses, among additional variables, the defendant’s appearance and demeanor as metrics for verdict, assuming his innocence. But Krisis’ expectations wash away when confronted with the evidence. Evidence of murder. As the case develops, Krisis begins questioning its initial perspectives, wrestling with the realities of its operation as it develops a more profound view of itself. Who is in control: man or robot?

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