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2022 NC FPS Community Problem Solving 

Middle Division Evolving Team IMAGINE Project Empower

1st place

Abigail Demelo, Nandini Guruprasadh, Atharv Patil, Rhea Sadanandan, Shreya Sattenapalli, Parvathy Unnikrishnan, & Radhika Unnikrishnan

Coach Ambika Shyamala     

Team Imagine - Empower is an evolving community project created to, originally, spread awareness on Autism Spectrum Disorder, and now, to empower individuals with autism. Our Underlying Problem is, Research shows that 1 in 57 children in North Carolina are diagnosed with autism and more than 65,000 people are affected by it in North Carolina. Effects of autism include social, communication, and behavioral challenges, which can affect the way those with Autism Spectrum Disorder interact with others. Due to their differences, many individuals with autism tend to be less included than others. Keeping this in mind, in what ways might we, Team IMAGINE, increase empowerment of the autism community so that the inclusion of people with ASD will increase, in 2021 and beyond? 

Team Imagine organized, promoted and participated in many events to increase inclusion, promote the talents and empower the individuals with autism . This also helped cultivate relationships with many nonprofits and individuals who share the same mission as us, which is the empowerment of these gifted individuals. Our key message to the world is to accept, include, support and celebrate.

                                                     Middle Division Team Stress Mess
                                                                             2nd place
                      Mahi Mathur, Aarav Parikh, Deeksha Ravi, Arjun Rawal, Sahana Venkatesh
For our project in CmPS, we decided to address the prevalent issue of mental health in adolescents and how to best promote mental health awareness. With extensive research and data collection, we have been able to learn more about this issue and the most feasible solutions. Our approach is to spread awareness on the subject so that more students can understand what it means to have mental health problems and how to find the proper mental health support and resources.

Senior Division Evolving Team Food Saver Club Project Recovery

1st Place

Anushka Ajay, Medha Pillai, Adithya Retheesh, Device Reni, Ashrith Yelavarti, Parvathy Unnikrishnan, & Radhika Unnikrishnan, Neha Varrier

Ambika Shyamala          Ardrey Kell, Marvin Ridge, and Providence High Schools

Nearly one-third of all food produced for human consumption does not find its way onto our tables. Food Saver Club is an initiative that was started to reduce food waste in our local community. We strive to spread awarness about food waste, maximize the recovery and reduce food waste in our community.

The food savers club is dedicated to maximize the recovery of surplus food from our local communities, allowing for food to reach underprivileged individuals, and spread awareness about food waste and food waste prevention strategies. The Food Saver club members are a group of students that would like to see a positive change in their community and they are ready to work towards that change.


2nd Place

Vihaan Gaurav, Satvik Gorle, Elsie Nethala, Emily Nethala, Ruhi Roy, Sindhu Sureshkannan, Bumika Vanapalli, Vishnu Vanapalli, Akhil Varukuti, Ajith Varikuti

Coaches Geetha Veera and Charita Manchi      

Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy and Ardrey Kell High School

With much of the population facing challenges that are stressful and overwhelming, and in addition to social distancing which can make people feel lonely and isolated, many people’s psychological health is adversely affected by COVID-19. Team PROJECT REFUGEE after much research and planning discovered 8 pillars of mental health necessary for holistic well-being. These pillars are physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, financial, and environmental health.To accomplish our mission we decided to make mental health kits, financial brochures, and to help spread awareness about refugees and their struggles. Mental health kits help people cope with increasing stress and financial brochures from advisors help refugees get helpful and free financial explanations about the stock market, jobs, and other related topics. Lastly, by spreading awareness we can spread the scope of our project and help refugees find the help and connections they may need. By doing this we hope to fill in the gaps and help refugees accomplish and meet their 8 pillars of mental health.

Middle Division Individual Litter to Glitter

1st place 

    Megha Mittal     

Coach Ambika Shyamala & Radhika Unnikrishnan      Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Littering is an important issue and negatively affects the environment in various amounts of ways. A new program called Litter to Glitter will hold monthly trash cleanups in neighborhood streets. This will prevent even the littlest pieces of trash from getting into our storm drains and cause flooding and other environmental issues.

Middle Division Individual Going Green

2nd place

Aadarsh Lakshmanan

My main objective for the project is to bring awareness to the impact of landfills across the globe.  The project was structured as a two-year initiative with the first initiative focused on ideation and building the foundations. The second year focused on building a website and working with local media to spread awareness. 

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