Topic: Neurotechnology

On Wednesday, June 9th, FPSPI's virtual Opening Ceremony will kick off IC 2021 and the 3D Virtual experience will open Thursday, June 10th. The Awards Ceremony will be held on Monday, June 14th. Champion problem solvers who have earned their spot at the International Conference will still have the opportunity to compete with others from around the world and will have access to many virtual collaborative experiences as well as their competitions. NC FPS State Bowl winners will be participating with teams and individuals around the world.

Each FPSPI affiliate receives bids from FPSPI for their outstanding teams and individuals.

GIPS: 1 bid** per Division (Junior, Middle, Senior) for teams and individuals Affiliates with more than 50 teams the previous year receive an extra bid.

Scenario: 2 bids per division (Junior, Middle, Senior): 1st and 2nd place

CmPS: 1 bid per division (Junior, Middle, Senior): 1st place

MAGIC (Multi-Affiliate Global Issues Competition): GIPS 2nd and 3rd place Individuals per division (Junior, Middle, Senior); winning teams and individuals may invite MAGIC participants who have participatd in GIPS during the year to attend IC as MAGIC participants with the winning participants.

**After evaluation is completed, additional bids for exceptional 2nd place GIPS, CmPS, or Scenario participants may be requested from FPSPI. This year NC FPS received 2 extra bids for GIPS teams and one extra bid for CmPS teams.

2020 Virtual International Conference: Terraforming

NC FPS students takes the stage at 2020 Virtual International Conference...

1st place GIPS Team Junior Division

1st place MAGIC* Junior Division

2nd place CmPS Middle Individual

2nd place Scenario Writer Middle Division & Finalist Middle Division International Scenario Competition

3rd place MAGIC* Middle Division

3rd place MAGIC* Senior Division

4th place CmPS Team Middle Division

4th place MAGIC* Junior Division

4th place MAGIC* Senior Division

5th place MAGIC* Junior Division

5th place MAGIC* Middle Division

11th place GIPS Team Senior Division

MAGIC = Multi-Affiliate Global Issues Competition