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NC FPS International Conference Bids

Global Issues PS: 1 bid* per Division (Junior, Middle, Senior) for teams and individuals

(*Affiliates may receive an extra bid due to the number of teams/individuals registered the previous year.)

Scenario: 1 bid per division (Junior, Middle, Senior)

Community PS: 1 bid per division (Junior, Middle, Senior)

MAGIC (Multi-Affiliate Global Issues Competition): Affiliates and  winning teams and individuals are given a specific number of MAGIC invitations for participants who have participated in GIPS during the year to attend IC as MAGIC participants and to serve as substitutes if a team member can't participate.

2023 International Conference: Currency

NC FPS students takes the stage at 2023 International Conference...

1st place GIPS Individual Junior Division Arora

Coach Harrison

6th place GIPS Team Junior Division Baer, E Huffstetler, L Huffstetler, Lam

Coach Lam

5th place GIPS Individual Middle Division Venkatesh

Coach Venkatesh

Finalist GIPS Team Middle Division

Nanduri, Patil, Sattenapalli, Unnikrishnan

Coaches Nanduri & Shyamala

Finalist FIPS Individual Senior Division Mehta

Coach Mehta

Finalist GIPS Team Senior Division Coleman, Cone, Hart, Lam

Coach Lam

Finalist GIPS Team Senior Division E Nethala, E Nethala, Sureshkannan, Varikuti

Coaches Vanipalli & Venkatesh

4th Place Presentation of Action Plan Senior Division Coleman, Cone, Hart, Lam

Coach Lam

MAGIC = Multi-Affiliate Global Issues Competition

1st place MAGIC Junior Division Jangala

Coach Jangala

2nd place MAGIC* Junior Division Sharma

Coach Jangala

1st place MAGIC* Middle Division Sakhalkar

Coach Sureshkannan & Vanapalli

4th place MAGIC Middle Division Samatam

Coach Harrison

1st place MAGIC* Senior Division Vanapalli

Coach Nanduri & Shyamala


Finalist CmPS Team Junior Division Positive Pollinators

Coach Hall

5th place Junior Division Scenario Zhang

Coaches Sureshkannan & Vanapalli

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