Research for Practice Problem 2: SLEEP PATTERNS

Internet Links Policy: We strongly advise coaches to screen all publications prior to making them accessible to students. North Carolina Future Problem Solving provides links to web sites and articles as a service to coaches. Encourage teams to research Sleep Patterns + FUTURE. Different sites have different slants on the topic. Be aware of who is presenting the facts as you research.

9 Groundbreaking Discoveries about Sleep          SciShow YouTube

How Deep Sleep May Help the Brain Clear Alzheimer's Toxins                                                                                   NPR

What do scientists really know about polyphasic sleep?                                                                                                 SciShow YouTube

Here's what getting less than 7 hours of sleep can do to you


Do Sleep Trackers Really Work?                                    Johns Hopkins Medicine

A History of Humans' Sleeping Habits in one Infographic    


Time Guide to Sleep                                      

8 Strange Animal Sleeping Habits                                      SciShow  YouTube

Science Says: How daylight savings time affects health

                                                                                                                                           Charlotte Observer

Why skimping on sleep makes your brain crave sweets                 


Sleepy Teens: A Health Epidemic                     Wendy Troxel TedX Talks

Even Jellyfish Need a Nap                            Scientific American

How to figure out how much sleep you need               Business Insider

Working Americans are getting less sleep, especially those who save our lives                                                                                                     Apple News NPR         

NBA exec: Sleep Matters...It's the Dirty Little Secret that Everybody Knows About                                                                                    

Sleep Drive and Your Body Clock                     National Sleep Foundation

Everything you need to know about sleep cycles                     Dr. Susan Biali

What is Circadian Rhythm                          National Sleep Foundation

Your lack of sleep is ruining your productivity  

Popular Science The Science of Sleep Reissue Of Special Edition - 2019                   Magazine available on newsstands Online Excerpts listed below  Science of Sleep                        

What would happen if you didn't sleep?                             YouTube TedEd

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